The New Light Reveals What is Needed

by | Apr 16, 2020

This is such a strange and unforgettable time to be alive.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that less than 2 months ago (and less for many of us) our daily lives had a sense of (what seemed to be) normalcy. We could (pretty much) plan to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning to a day where we (somewhat) knew what we’d be doing and who we’d be seeing.  Most of us probably didn’t think about the number of feet we were standing from one another or if we had adequate supplies of hand sanitizers and gloves.  I would also imagine that almost none of us had nor needed to consider having a face mask for going out into public.  And then, there’s our social world!  Whether introverted or extroverted, the choice to see our family and friends in person was a precious gift that many of us, unintendedly, took for granted.  We are now becoming unexpected experts at Zoom and other video chatting options.  How in a few short months could it be that these platforms have become so vital in providing us with the possibilities of staying in touch with and feeling connected to those who need us; and who we need?

This global pandemic is an “in your face” reminder that life can be turned upside down and the rug can be pulled out from under us at any time.  It’s a real expression of how the small and large details are impermanent and ever-changing.  And that can be both really scary AND provide an opportunity to wake up and see what really matters to us.  What’s been revealing itself to me over these past weeks is that this current situation its both scary and a fresh chance in a lifetime;  AND it’s all the feelings, thoughts and imaginings in the middle and on the edges too.  It really is the whole shebang!

So, how exactly do we embrace this? Unfortunately, and fortunately, there’s no master plan for how to navigate this unprecedented time. I do believe, however, that our plan can’t be fixed and unmalleable because then we will surely be disappointed by the reality that everything continues to change, second by second.  How can we learn and practice flexibility of mind and thought? Make a plan, see what unfolds, take a second look, do our best to adapt to what it is there.  Loosen the grip of controlling all of this.  Little by little, bit by bit.  And breathe; one breath at a time. Just one. Then the next. Just let one breath lead your way.

So, in our reminders that everything is in flux, moving, changing, shape-shifting, evolving, I encourage each of us to see with open eyes what life looks like for us right now.  Our needs might be (probably are) different than they were a few weeks to a month ago.  I know mine are.  When you sit down for a bit and breathe, ask yourself, ‘What do I need today?  Right now?”

Let your once-was schedule break open a bit so that the new light of now can reveal what is needed and available for you at this moment; not the moments of yesterday or last week.  Encourage yourself to honor your needs of today.  Allow this new time to provide new insight.  And breathe. Don’t forget to find just that one inhale and that next exhale and listen to yourself breathe.

With love and support,

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