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Gloria Alatorre

Gloria is a Momma, a channel, heartist, intuitive healer, and relentless exploratrix of human potential.  She creates a container where she utilizes mindful and holistic tools and practices like the art of Cartomancy, and Reiki to assist people in feeling safe to explore and learn to connect with their higher self/God while enhancing their spiritual fitness. These practices also carry therapeutic, somatic, and evolutionary elements that assist with Qi (flow of energy in our body), reconstruct foundations, and shift paradigms.  Gloria’s favorite decks are based on practices and ancient wisdom from Zen (Osho Zen Tarot), The Tao (Tao Oracle) , I Ching(I Ching Cards), The Herbal Tarot & The Herbcrafters Tarot. Gloria loves to provide Reiki sessions outdoors and at Dharma River-Manitou.  Gloria is an herbalist student through The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and a Zen student with Dharma River- Zen Garland Order.   She enjoys engaging with community by organizing, volunteering and attending art, music, educational events, and advocating for social justice. She is also a Spanish language interpreter at the Winona Public School District.

Alanna Jane Pelowski, 200 RYT, M. Ed.

Alanna grew up in a northwest suburb of Chicago and stayed active with Irish dancing, gymnastics and being an all-around pool rat with her three younger brothers. Alanna came to Winona to attend Winona State University and then furthered her education with a Master of Education and then a Reading Certificate from St. Mary’s University. She currently lives in Winona with her husband, son and two dogs.
Alanna began practicing yoga at the Winona Yoga Center (now Dharma River) in 2004 with Master Senior teacher Francie Ricks and continues to study the Iyengar style of yoga today with an online teacher, Amanda Griggs. Alanna completed her Registered Yoga Teacher Training Certification (RYT-200) through YogaFit Incorporated in March 2018 and has been guiding others in yoga practice for the past fifteen years including on paddleboards on Lake Winona. Yoga helps her to balance a busy schedule, and she appreciates the strict alignment cues and mind-steadying she learns in the Iyengar method of yoga.


Trish Baishin Johnson, MSW, LGSW, Teacher, Co-Founder

Trish’s life passion and commitment is in supporting others on their journey in self exploration, discovery, care and authenticity. She has worked as an educator, both overseas and throughout the Midwest since the mid 1990s. She has 15 years of experience developing and implementing holistic mind-body curriculum with children and adults in various settings, individually and in diverse group settings.  Trish is a mindfulness meditation teacher, a Zen priest and Dharma Holder, a certified yoga instructor (trauma informed) and is one of the co- founders of Dharma River. She received her Master’s in Social Work and offer’s mental health therapy at Dharma River.  Trish has 2 beautiful children and a life partner.  She is grateful to her family, friends and all of her teachers over the years.

Paul Kisho Stern, MA, Teacher, Co-Founder

Paul Kisho Stern sees his work at Dharma River and in life in general as being focused on developing dynamic, holistic learning contexts that allow for a deeper engagement with and understanding of our human condition. Through developing compassionate and wise insights into our own humanity, we are enabled to more fully engage in life practices that allow deeper connection and compassion with ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Visiting Instructors

Tom Roberts

Tom is a retired Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. He has over 40 years of experience in clinical psychotherapy and has been a practicing Zen Buddhist for nearly 50 years. In 1992 he received lay Buddhist vows from Thich Nhat Hanh.  He has gained widespread recognition in the field of health and healing as an educator, author and speaker who shares practical strategies for enjoying a healthier, happier, more fulfilling everyday life

As a regular teacher at regional and national retreat centers, Thomas routinely receives high praise and positive responses from those who attend for his sincere, informative and practical methods of teaching and relating with participants.  His retreats and classes reflect his authentic commitment to helping individuals achieve a deep and lasting resolve to their spiritual, emotional and physical health and healing. He is well known for offering and guiding retreats that are easily integrated into each person’s personal journey.


Nicolle NEILL Jensen

Nicolle is a teacher, musician, facilitator, and interdisciplinary artist born in Winona and residing in Santa Fe NM since 2003. She began studying yoga in college in 2004, and meditation after she graduated with a degree in interdisciplinary art in 2007. She is a senior teacher in the Prajna Yoga school, and a student in the somatic meditation lineage of Reggie Ray and Dharma Ocean. NEILL travels the world sharing a love of yoga, meditation, music, and creative expression through retreats, workshops, concerts, and classes.


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