What we do at Dharma River

Building a compassionate, healthy, and safe world. Individually and collectively.

At Dharma River, the focus of embodied movement arts is cultivated through traditional health and wellness practices. We see these practices as vehicles by which to better understand our human potential in a variety of ways, including health, wellness, awareness, concentration, and self-confidence. Development and growth is guided by what each person brings to their own practice. Through understanding and experiencing our mind-body awareness, we access a gateway through which to develop a deepened understanding of our lives and our realities.

Youth have access to a variety of holistic practices that engage their bodies and minds. Focus is placed on collaboration as a learning community within all of our courses. The idea is that when we strive to grow simultaneously individually and collectively, we make more significant gains and have more fun! This type of learning enhances community building skills that learners can take into all aspects of life.

All classes are taught by professionals who have devoted a significant portion of their lives to training and teaching in these discipline areas.

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