Winter Women's Retreat

Contemplation in the Wild
Women Gather 
In The New Year- self exploration, reflection & contemplation to help care for what is in front of you & to clarify the path ahead.

This offering is designed to give individuals a safe space, both outdoors in and indoors, for creative and meditative work. Instructor Trish Johnson will guide participants through diverse contemplative practices; using stillness and movement, silence and sound, and the powerful process of group engagement. These processes allow women the important opportunity to open up and carefully hold with love and compassion, their unique life story as it is; messy, painful, confusing, complex, wonderful, pleasurable and more.

Moving through the morning, individuals will utilize personal life experiences, resources and inner wisdom and well as the wisdom and inspiration collected from the contemplative work and natural world. Individually and with community support, participants will practice growing courage, setting boundaries, envisioning personal life maps and more, to embrace new spaces and pathways for life.

Logistics and Details for Registrants

Individuals who identify as female

Sunday January 9th, 8am-12 noon @ Holzinger Lodge

$45 includes light snacks and hot tea

Plan to dress in winter layers and have comfortable clothing and shoe wear for movement and stillness both outdoors and indoors.

Please register here-

Additional information will be emailed upon registration

About instructor and facilitator Trish Johnson

Trish is a meditation instructor, Zen Priest and Dharma holder in the Zen Garland order. She is a trained Zen Focusing instructor, a trauma-informed yoga teacher, hospice volunteer, and a social activist. In April 2022, Trish will graduate with her Masters in Social Work. She is a co-founder of both Dharma River- Zen Garland and Manitou Center in Winona, Minnesota. She teaches mindfulness in the schools, provides workshops and trainings to children, families and adults that inspire self-compassion and awareness. Trish has traveled extensively during her life, living, working and volunteering throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. She is married to partner Paul Stern, with whom she shares 2 beautiful children. She is grateful to all of her teachers along the way, named and unnamed, obvious and subtle.

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