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Students in the Tai Chi program at Manitou Center are trained in a system that promotes health and longevity as well as a highly effective system of self-defense.  There are several wonderful benefits that come from the study of Tai Chi Quan.  Tai Chi can help improve balance, coordination, and general well being.  Through practice, one massages the internal organs bringing them potential benefit.  The special breathing techniques of Tai Chi are quite effective in relieving stress and calming the mind and spirit.  Tai Chi is simultaneously a martial art that can bring practitioners a sense of confidence through providing the ability to competently defend one’s self when need be.

Tai Chi classes will resume in September. If you are interested and want to be notified when classes resume, please use the contact form below to let us know.

What do students study?

The series of Tai Chi courses offered will being with the study of the Chen Style 24 form.  From there, Lao Jia Yi Lu (老架), Da Shi Tao (大四套), Xiao Hong Pao ,(小紅炮), and Pao Chui (炮捶) will be taught.  Additionally, applications are taught in conjunction with all open hand and weapons forms. Follow this link for more information on Miao Kong Martial Arts Association in Taiwan.

Lineage Information

The type of Chen Style practiced within the Manitou Martial Arts and Wellness Center stems from the Miao Kong Association in southern Taiwan. This style traces its history from Du Yu Ze (杜毓澤). He was a student of Chen Fa Ke’s (陳發科)father, Chen Yen Xi (陳延熙), in He- nan Province, China. Du Yu Ze was also taught by Chen Ming Biao (陳名標) upon the retirement of Chen Yen Xi. Master Lee Chang Jen (李章仁) was a student of Du Yu Ze. His focus of study as Chen Style. As his practice continued with Chen Style, he created Da Shi Tao(大四套), Xiao Hong Pao(小紅炮), Ji Jing Pao,(急勁炮) as well as weapons forms by taking his knowledge learned from the Zhong Guo Wen Hua Da Xue Gou Shu Zu (中國文化大學國術組)and fusing this with his Chen Style knowledge. Master Lee Chang Ren currently lives in Tainan (台南), Taiwan.  Paul Stern is a student and disciple (徒弟) of Lee Chang Ren and his brother Lee Chang Chih.  He is a licensed instructor and coach within the Miao Kong Martial Arts Association.

I have enjoyed the Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes because it has been a great way to exercise and learn Martial Arts. Mr Paul has been a fun and cool teacher to learn from. I’m glad that he takes the time to teach these classes because I like learning Kung Fu and TaiChi.

High School Student

I love kung fu including staff and everything in it. I am happy I chose this for my summer activity.

3rd grade

I have been a student of martial arts for a number of years. About one year ago I started the Monday Qi gong class and Friday Tai Chi class with Paul Stern. Paul has an extensive knowledge of numerous styles of martial arts. Since my circumstances limit my training to daytime classes these are the only classes that fit my schedule. I would certainly take more of Paul’s classes if my situation allowed that.

5 star rating Highly recommend.​

Ed Krall
Adult Qi Gong and Tai Chi student

We are fortunate to have a resource like the Manitou Center in our community – programs and classes there fill my spirit and challenge my thinking!


An excellent place for study, meditation, sangha, visiting teachers and special events! I love practicing and teaching here!!

Nicolle Jensen

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