Compassionate Winona

Growing compassion in our community

Building Mindfulness and Compassion in our community

As individuals and as a community we are committed to engaging in and supporting others in living compassionately and presently with ourselves, all people and animals and our earth. We do this by striving to be aware, engaged and open to what arises in each moment with a compassionate heart and by supporting others to do the same.  This group is open to anyone who is interested in this way of living; both in our local and global communities.

This work is a collective of individuals from around the Winona Community.
Together we are city employees, educators, university staff, parents, martial arts instructors, yoga teachers, parents, and individuals in our
community. We strive for this group to represent our community at large and welcome you to join us. If this work speaks to you, resonates within you, moves you to care for yourself and our community in a more loving and compassionate way, then it is for you. We invite diversity of  race, gender, age, religion, profession, income, political views, sexual orientation and experience.

Monthly Gatherings
We will meet the second Thursday of every month from 1-2pm in the Misato Room in the Winona City Hall building.  Generally, this group takes the months of June-August off from regular meetings.
These gatherings are organized as a way of supporting each other, both professionally and personally, by sharing research, ideas, stories collaborative brainstorming and general inspiration and encouragement for continued work in our efforts to cultivate a more compassionate, local community and world at large.
Please feel free to invite any other like-minded individuals to attend these monthly sessions.

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